Cabling and Bracing


Cabling and bracing are measures to help prevent a failure at a weak junction, or add support after a tree has began to split.

In many cases split trees can be saved. Depending on how much mass is above the split, and how large the split is, many trees can be reinforced with bracing rods holding the split stem together, and an extra high strength cable in the canopy holding the tree together and relieving a large amount of the stress on the union. In some cases reduction pruning may also be necessary.

Cabling and bracing are not foolproof. Sometimes wood decay and the forces of mother nature and time can weaken cabling systems to the point of failure. For these reasons, cabling and bracing systems should be professionally inspected every other year, and upgraded or renewed as necessary.

The cost of a cabling and bracing system depends on the time and hardware required for the job. Average cabling and bracing costs are not expensive at all compared to repairs from a tree failure or trying to replace a mature tree.

Call today, we’ll come out and give you a free estimate, and you may be surprised at the low cost and peace of mind cabling protection can provide.


upper left: Split Tulip Poplar, in danger of failing in the next storm. top middle: End of the bracing rod now supporting the split. upper right: Side view of the now braced split. bottom left & right: Each end of the cable in the canopy helping take the load off the split and support rod below. bottom right circle: Wedge and ferrule cable stop.


Co-dominant Tulip Poplar leads cabled together to reduce the risk of failure.


This apple tree was uprooted in a windstorm. It was uprighted using a backhoe, and staked and cabled to remain in position until new roots are once again able to support it.